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The Reclaim You Event

The Reclaim You Event

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Why Coaching and Mentoring?

Several years ago, I found myself in a tough situation. I was suddenly a single mom of five, and I was struggling to navigate my new way of life. I had a job in the healthcare industry that paid well, but the hours were extremely long and were not conducive to raising a family. I quickly realized that I needed to find a different way to make an income.

I took a position as an administrative assistant, which lead me to my position as the event project manager, and little did I know this job would lead me to my career, my passion and my why. 

I eventually earned my CMP (certified meeting professional) certification, which lead me to create a course to help event planners pass the CMP exam. I have a love for teaching others, and through my classes, for event planners, I have found a way I can help women who are starting over, starting a new business, a new career, or trying to grow a stagnant company, figure it out and find success!

One of the elements of my business that is very important to me is the opportunity I have to coach and mentor my clients. I am a certified life and business coach, and this is where I have found my "why." 
I believe that to be successful in our careers; we have to be equally as successful in our personal lives. Through my coaching and mentoring program, we work to take your business or career to the next level while simultaneously helping you become the best version of yourself. My coaching program creates a perfect balance to achieve both! 

Something that makes my coaching and mentoring program unique is that I try my best to make it affordable. I do this because I get it! I have been there! I have felt the pain of needing help but not being able to afford it. I work with my clients to make coaching feasible for them.


* Weekly 1:1 or group coaching
* Transparent and clear pricing 
* Scaled pricing
* Daily check-in's, motivation and accountability 
* Access to my private Facebook group
* Lifetime access to your account full of valuable resources to 
  help you build your business and increase revenue 


* Re-define your vision
* Uncover what is holding you back and make an action plan to change that
* Business set-up, accounting and allocating resources 
  to the right areas of your business
* Marketing strategies and effective marketing tailored to your business
* Social Media marketing 
* Detailing out your and refining your budget 
* Build-up your portfolio 
* Learn how to create offers and bundle your
  product or service to increase revenue
* Find additional services that can be added to increase your value
  and make your business stand out from everyone else
* Find the balance between work and home​

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