5 Reasons an Event Planning Career is a great choice. It could be the perfect career choice for you!

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

The events industry has come a long way over the past few decades and has become much more than just “throwing parties”. Event planning is a real job!

The events industry is booming right now and one of the top growing industries.

It's anticipated to keep a steady growth pattern for many years to come.

This is great news for those who want to work in the meeting and planning industry or start their event or wedding business! For a complete "roadmap" on starting a career in event planning click here ➡ Free Roadmap PDF

So let’s talk about why Events is a great career choice!

#1- You do not need a college degree-

To become a successful Event Planner, you do not have to have a college degree. Although hospitality, marketing, and management degrees are available, none of them are necessary to enter the event planning industry. However, I would advise you to get some education (much of which is offered online) or internship with another event planner to give yourself the best possible chance to either land your dream job or start your own event planning business.

#2- You can make a great income and the millennials are driving it-

According to salary.com, the income for an event planner ranges from

$54,444 - $74,437 in 2019.

The “live experience economy” is growing. Meaning millennials are spending their money attending live experiences. According to an article in Forbes written by Andrew Arnold, there are three main reason live events appeal to millennials-

The millennial generation, having grown up online and on social media, is a generation focused on community and connection. And this means that they want to take part in opportunities that will connect them more with communities, especially if those communities and relationships promote their values and beliefs.

Ease of registration-

Millennials do not have a lot of patience when it comes to gathering information, purchasing, or, in this case, registering for an event. They are a mobile generation and want such processes to be streamlined and straightforward. Having to go through several screens or having screens that load slowly will turn off a millennial, no matter how attractive the event may be.

The inglorious FOMO-

When events are made public on social media, and when millennials see that members of their social media communities are signing up, they worry about missing out on an experience that could be fulfilling or unforgettable.

Instagramable memories of participation-

This connected generation loves to share – they share their reviews and recommendations as consumers, and they share their personal lives. This sharing occurs on social media. They want their social media communities to know what they are doing, how they are feeling, and all about milestones in their lives. The anticipation of attending a live event that they can memorialize through “instagrammable” photos is important to them.

Millennials want to be involved; they want to be a part of something bigger than themselves. And they want experiences that they can enjoy and share with their communities. They also want to believe that what they do matters in a larger scheme. And they believe that their devices and social media can support those activities.